Velocity of Language

160815202407-usain-bolt-smiles-jeanne-moos-pkg-large-169When I first stumbled upon the concept of microfiction, it resonated deeply. Microfiction Monday┬áMagazine showed me that hundreds of pages are not necessary to tell a compelling story. By imposing a 100 word limit, brevity is a necessity and efficiency is critical. It’s the 100-meter dash of the literary world. It’s been an edifying experience trying to write stories that, mostly, clock in at exactly 100 words. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting.




Discobolus Of Mydon From The Severe Period Circa 450 B.C.
A Sculpture So Inspiring, Timeless, And Poetic, It Is Necessary To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word Used When Writing About It.
Whenever It’s Name Is Spoken Aloud, It Must Always Be Uttered As Theatrically and Dramatically As Possible.
The Spirit Of Sport And Honorable Competition Given Artistic Expression! The Essence Of Rhythmos Captured In Stone! Quintessential Symmetria Depicting The Mystery Of Kinetic Energy! The Exemplar Of Elite Athletes The World Over, Such As Call Of Duty Players, Beer League Bowlers And Disc Golfers! The Immortal…

The Ditch Digger

Screenshot_20180804-210632~3From aurora to eventide, his flesh knew naught but toil. Muscle, bone, and sinew languished under a singular modus operandi: irrigation.
But though his cerebellum was chained to a post impossibly arduous and mundane, his cerebrum was perpetually alight!
In his imagination, soaring arias flew amongst the clouds with full orchrstral accompanyment, tales of romance and adventure played to packed vaudeville houses, and brilliantly-colored murals stood painted on prominent walls in the marketplace.
Amidst every thrust and heave of the shovel, his mind woolgathered.
And when the shackles returned in the evening, slumber only brought dreams more vivid and grandiose.

Writer To The Reader

Thank you for your time.
I promise to not waste it, as it’s our most valuable commodity.
With my words, I open my innermost chambers, expressed to the maximum of my ability, so that you may see my interpretation of this peculiar construct we know as existence.
I will invent fantastic worlds, relay poignant memories, grapple with difficult paradoxes, and spill my emotions in the hopes of revealing truth, or perhaps to simply tell a compelling story.
The thesaurus is my trusted companion; my experience is my guide.
And when all is said and done, perhaps we’ll not feel so alone.

Air Supply

The insurrectionists had hijacked another shipment from Cygnus X-1 and the vendors had no choice. The price of air skyrocketed.
The space station was in a panic. Room aeration was prohibited and masks were distributed.
Charles had just lost his job. Iridium demand was down and he had least seniority.
He hadn’t been parsimonious with his credits; gambling on Tey-vik was his weakness.
He couldn’t afford the oxygen.
The station members gathered as his body entered the airlock. They kept their breaths controlled, preserving the precious resource, and they bid farewell as his body was ejected into Betelgues’ welcoming orbit.

My New Used 1996 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

A simple beauty.
It’s a bowl of oatmeal, but by no means dry or bland, rather piping hot, cooked with whole milk, augmented with a real butter dollop and topped with maple syrup and crushed pecans. Comforting and satisfying.
An ambulatory couch! A hug on wheels.
It’s a charming burgundy Labrador Retriever that just wants to be your friend and knows lots of tricks.
Zero rust. A Michigan miracle!
Immaculately maintained. Criminally underpriced.
The owner wheeled it out for the first time a scant six hours before my purchase. He hadn’t listed it online. Had he, it would’ve vanished instantly.

The Epilogue Of Icarus

Fortunately, reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
For reasons unknown, Poseidon spared my life and I spent magical days with the merfolk till my bones mended.
Now I assiduously recall Daedalus’ genius delving into the avian’s mysteries, and I assure you, my current harness engineering will not suffer from his parrafin shortcomings!
No wonder the gods have kept secret the ecstasy of flight. What mortal would again crawl upon the earth having experienced taking wing?
My folly was not vanity, but exhilaration!
Pure bliss.
Yes, I would’ve had events transpire differently.
I only wish I had soared higher!

An Offical Edict Delivered (via Snail Mail) To The Bear Residing At 100 Hollow Cave Point

Attn Resident Mammal,
The United Federation of Insects hereby decrees that your continued invasions of the sovereign bee-hives under the benevolent Queen Bzzywzzy constitutes an act of war.
You will cease and desist from all hostile actions or else incur the wrath of the U.F.I.
Highly trained Strike Wasps, Stealth Mosquitos, Kamikaze Bees and Super Hornets are ready to launch sting operations while Army Ants and Battle Beetles drill daily.
You may still purchase honey through the flea market in accordance with ISFTA (Inter-Species Free Trade Agreement).
Good day and may the Sacred Mantis pray for your corrupt, heartless soul.